Werner Rädlinger Gruppe

Moving and scaping earth, this means loosening, removing, loading, transporting, filling up and condensing soils of most various types – these are the major disciplines of excavators and wheel loaders. The quality and optimisation of the attachments used is decisive for how good and efficient they fulfill these tasks. The structure of the soils is very versatile: dry, wet, fine, rough, loose, solid, minerally bonded, from easy to difficult removal. Depending on soil or rock class, the requirements for design and material selection of the attachments are different.

With our wide standard programme of wheel loader buckets and above all excavator buckets, we service the entire range of soil classes with appropriate tools. The particular focus of our developers and designers is on features such as penetration behaviour, filling capacity, power transmission, fuel consumption and resistance. To do so, they have always the ideal design for the construction machine's field of application and operating weight in mind.

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