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Sky Flying Hill Oberstdorf: steel construction by Rädlinger

Steel Construction

We are specialists in the field of steel construction and offer tailor-made solutions for steel constructions of any kind according to customer requests.

Whether you wish to realise small or large steel construction projects: We are your ideal partner. With our experienced team and our state-of-the-art machinery, we ensure fast and flexible order processing with simulteaneously outstanding quality.

Why steel construction?

Steel as material is characterised by high durability, flexibility and sustainability.

Lightweight, thin and yet exceptionally sturdy, steel components permit short planning and construction times for projects of all sizes.

Construction material steel: steel girders in front of steel structure

Our services in the field of steel construction

Design and planning






By the close cooperation with other parts of our diversified company group, you receive overall solutions from one single source.

We are a certified expert welding company

With us, steel is in the best hands.

Our experts produce weld seams at support-bearing steel elements in certified quality.

Our certificates

Work of a certified welder on a steel structural component at Rädlinger

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