Werner Rädlinger Gruppe

When mining raw and construction materials, it is time for the really large excavators and wheel loaders. Construction machines with operating weights of 50 tons rather belong to the light weights. The material that these giants pick up and load or mine directly is correspondingly heavy. This area of application takes all out of construction machines as well as attachments. Excavator buckets and wheel loader buckets are those components that get into direct contact with sand, gravel and rocks and must therefore be extremely tough.

For our attachments for mining, we only use the best materials and high-strength steels. In this way, we attain highest resistance with at the same time low own weight. For operation in quarries, gravel and sand pits, this means the lowest wear and reduced fuel consumption.

Serial features of our mining buckets

Example of buckets for mining by Rädlinger
Size classes from Class 19 to Class 150
Blade and side cutting edge made of special steel
Lateral protection and wear strips in HB 400/500
Custom manufacturing and equipment with a wide variety of tooth systems and blades possible
Slightly flared tooth holders at the corners
Backward tapering bucket body for optimal bucket cut

Special attachments (excavator) for mining

Wheel loader buckets for mining

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