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Selection of attachments for wheel loaders by Rädlinger

Attachments for Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are the experts among construction machines in loading and transporting various goods – from light bulk material to heavy rock. With equipment perfectly matched to the field of application wheel loaders achieve:

  • added filling capacity
  • faster filling and emptying
  • higher fuel efficiency
  • longer service life

In our selection of attachments for wheel loaders you can find the ideal tool for your needs.

Our Weight Classes for Wheel Loaders

Drawing of a wheel loader with a loading bucket
ClassOperating weight
IV4 - 6 t
V6 - 8 t
VI8 - 10 t
VII10 - 12 t
VIII12 - 14 t
ClassOperating weight
IX14 - 17 t
X17 - 23 t
XI23 - 30 t
XII30 - 38 t
XIII38 - 60 t
XIV60 - 100 t
XV100 - 180 t
XVI180 - 250 t

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