Werner Rädlinger Gruppe

Today, demolishing buildings is mostly executed with highly specialised excavators with high precision and speed. Particularly, the high precision is important since the demolition material will predominantly be fed to recycling and has already to be accurately sorted before leaving the demolition site. Attachments optimised for this application have a considerable share at it.

Our buckets for demolition and recycling have particularly been tailored to these requirements. They offer an ideal balance of resistance, power transmission from the excavator and fuel efficiency. On request, we tune our attachments for demolition and recycling even in a more targeted way to your demands.

Serial features of our buckets for demolition and recycling

Example of buckets for demolition and recycling by Rädlinger
Size classes from class 23
Ideal and harmonious basic structure and shaping of the supporting parts ensure perfect power flow from the tooth tip to the bucket suspension, the interface to the machine
Backward tapering bucket body for optimal bucket cut
Tooth holders angled outwards at the corners
Additional armour levels for extended applications possible

Special attachments (excavator) for demolition and recycling

Special attachments (wheel loader) for demolition and recycling

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