Werner Rädlinger Gruppe

Strong partners: Rädlinger Maschinen- und Stahlbau GmbH is a distributor of Combi Wear Parts AB. The Swedish manufacturer of extremely durable wear parts supplies exactly the teeth and armour that make our products fit for the toughest applications – made of high-strength steel. We stock not only the kits for the basic equipment, but also individual spare parts.

Tooth system C-REX for excavators and wheel loaders by Combi Wear Parts
Swedish steel

A quality feature that grants a responsible solution with minimal environmental impact.
Strong and reliable adapter

Extends the operating life and thus reduces maintenance costs.
Integrated locking ring

User-friendly, strong and reliable lock.
Re-usable and strong locking pin

Reduces the costs for locking mechanisms.

Mechanical lock

User-friendly, safe and quick teeth replacement.
Self-sharpening with plenty of wear material

Grants good penetration which reduces fuel costs and the stress on the machine.
Precise fit with large contact surfaces

Extended lifetime: More teeth per adapter possible which leads to lower maintenance costs.

Reliable, functional and sustainable teeth for your buckets and shovels

C-REX by Combi Wear Parts

To increase operation time, the length of the tooth and the proportion of wear material have been maximised. The adapters have also been reinforced to reduce the user's operating costs significantly. C-REX has a unique mechanical lock that makes mounting and dismounting of the teeth much easier. The lock is a hammerless system. It consists of just one single locking pin that can be re-used throughout the entire lifetime of the system.

All teeth are equipped with an integrated locking ring which ensures reliable function. With a special tool, it is easy to lock and unlock the tooth. To do so, you just have to move the locking ring by a quarter turn.

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