Werner Rädlinger Gruppe

As their name implies, ditch cleaning buckets are designed for creating ditches and troughs. Their cutting width is very large in relation to their overall dimensions. In combination with their straight blade, they are ideal for shaping and modelling terrain with an excavator – for example, for creating embankments and side-strips or for levelling surfaces. Ditch cleaning buckets deliver their full potential as pivotable variant with cyclinder or tilt motor or in combination with our Rädlinger Tilt 90. Thus, even creating complex terrains becomes easy.

Serial features of our ditch cleaning buckets

Example of trench clearing buckets by Rädlinger
Versions rigid, with cylinder or with integrated tilt motor available
Wall thickness, materials and extras matched to application
Protruding bottom
Large cutting width selection available as standard stock item
Wide open tub for easy emptying
Size classes from class 01 to class 40

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