Backhoe buckets can be found on nearly every construction site. They belong to the most frequently used attachments for excavators. Quite rightly, since they can be used in very versatile ways. Every application, however, has its own requirements profile. Therefore, for us backhoe buckets does not equal backhoe bucket. We take a close look at each field of application and identify its particularities. This is our basis for developing backhoe buckets that are exactly optimised for your tasks – from a small all-rounder for mini-excavators up to heavy specialists for large excavators with an operating weight of up to 260 tons.

Serial features of our backhoe buckets

Example of buckets by Rädlinger
Wall thickness, materials and extras matched to application
Protruding base
Large cutting width selection available as standard stock item
Optimised blade/tooth system (special tooth systems on request)
2.5° tapering per side
Size classes from class 0,1 to class IV

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