Werner Rädlinger Gruppe

Operating weight

0,7 - 40 t

Fields of application

Earth Movement, Landscaping


The hydraulic Rädlinger Quick Coupler significantly increases the flexibility of the excavator, as attachments can be changed quickly and safely. The attachment is picked up and locked by two mounting claws and locking bolts, which engage in an adapter frame on the attachment. Locking and unlocking can be conveniently controlled from the cabin.


  • Quick and secure changing of attachments
  • Combination with Rädlinger Tilt Motor or Rädlinger Tilt 90
  • Mechanically processed contact surfaces
  • Compact design
  • Universally applicable to all different excavator makes
  • Low maintenance and wear resistant
  • Compatible with system Lehnhoff
  • Visual indicator to check the locked state
  • The Rädlinger Quick Coupler HS complies with the current safety regulations by utilisation of a rigid catch hook and is certified by DGUV Test Construction Department


  • Hydraulic packages for hose routing
  • Hydraulic mounting kits for single-acting (EW) and double-acting (DW) quick coupler cylinders

Extra equipment

  • Load hook

Rädlinger Quick Coupler HS in use

Note on the following table: Weight (column 3) is approximate as it depends on the particular excavator suspension.


Variant Operating weight Weight  
HS 01 0,7 - 2 t 22 kg Enquire variant
HS 03EW 1,5 - 4,8 t 33 kg Enquire variant
HS 03DW 4,8 - 6 t 34 kg Enquire variant
HS 08 5 - 12 t 100 kg Enquire variant
HS 10 10 - 19 t 210 kg Enquire variant
HS 21 18 - 28 t 320 kg Enquire variant
HS 25 26 - 40 t 375 kg Enquire variant

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