Operating weight

1 - 16 t


The Collecting Unit creates an optimized interface between the tilt motor and the excavator. It combines the individual functional outputs of the tilt motor Rädlinger Tilt 90 and takes them to the rear part of the motor, facing away from the work area. From there, the hydraulic hoses are collected in the form of a classic internal hose system and safely routed to the machine.


  • Minimized susceptibility to disturbances
  • Simplified routing of hydraulic hoses in regard to space requirements
  • Hoses do not come in contact with one another or exceed the minimum bending radius
  • Screwed-in, modular building-block solution
  • Easy to disassemble, replace parts and reassemble during servicing and maintenance work
  • Built-in shut-off valve cartridge
  • Sturdy steel design
  • Sealing method appropriately proven in practice
  • Protected seals for the connectors
  • Optimal hose routing is easy to implement with the Rädlinger hydraulics package for internal hose systems
  • Tension-relieved hydraulic hoses: large bending radius, no crimping or squeezing

Collecting Unit on Rädlinger Tilt 90 for simplified routing of the hydraulic hoses to the excavator

Collecting Unit on Rädlinger Tilt 90


Maximum operating pressure 210 bar
Material Steel
Maximum volume flow tilt motor 30 l/min
Maximum volume flow quick coupler 20 l/min
Hydraulic connectors 8L/M14x,15

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